• Hike up Blue Mountain

In this video we hike up to the peak of Blue Mountain. At 2256 meters it is the highest point in Jamaica.

Trail: The trail starts at around 1254 meters and takes you through a series of switchbacks, ravines, rainforest, ridges, and coffee plantations ending up at the peak. Over all it is just over 10 km and can be easily done in 3 hours up and 2 hours down. Trail is very easy to navigate as it is almost always just a single track without any turn-offs, so no guide needed.

Getting there: It is impossible to drive there unless you have some very capable 4x4. Rental car can't get there, believe me, we tried... So what are your options? Well there are two:
1. You can easily make it to Mavis Bank where you can ask around and easily get a ride to the start of trail, but that will come out to around $60 US each way.
2. If you have an SUV you can get to Hagley Gap and get a ride to the trail from there for half the price, $30 US.
In both cases once you park your car a local will ask you for parking fee. Negotiate and pay him some Jamaican dollars when you get back, you car will be safe. May be even washed. I have a number for a guy who gave us a ride in his Suzuki if anyone wants it.
Also be prepared to pay the ranger at the ranger station half way. It was $200 jmd for locals or $20 us for tourists.

Some people get a ride to Wild Flower Lodge or Whitfield Hall and start the hike at 2 am to get to the peak at sunrise. This way there are almost no clouds at the peak and some say you can even spot Cuba. We got there around 12 pm and still had an amazing experience.
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PostedMarch 07, 2018